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Renewable Energy Solutions

Shinex provides innovative business solutions in various renewable energy sectors such as Solar energy, Wind Power, Solar Telecommunication systems. We work for the development, installation and management of various renewable energy projects in collaboration with the industrial, commercial and government sectors in Pakistan. There are many developing and emerging technologies which have resulted in a host of fine products. However, many of these products are only useful if combined with other products. At Shinex  we have dedicated ourselves to understanding these technologies and, more importantly, how they fit together to accomplish various projects. Whether it be Wind, Solar, Waste Heat Cooling or several other marvelous technologies. We have a strong knowledge of how they work together to accomplish quality and savings in energy production.

Our major areas of expertise are:

  • Business development in the renewable energy sector.
  • Turn key projecs of small and medium scale PV solar
  • PV solar power projects for telecommunication
    sector in Pakistan.
  • Technology solutions for small hydro turbine.
  • Small and medium scale wind power projects.
  • Project management in renewable energy sector.


Our Renewable Energy Solutions

We manage and provide complete renewable energy power solutions to our clients based on following systems:

SOLAR POWER SYSTEM. We manage and design complete solar based power systems as per customer’s demand and satisfaction to overcome their load shedding problems. Solar power system comprises of three basic design concepts.

  • Stand Alone Solar Power System
  • Solar Grid Tied System
  • Solar Hybrid System

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Solar Water Pumps

If you need to supply water beyond the reach of power lines, then solar power can solve the Problem. Photovoltaic powered pumps provide a welcome alternative to fuel-burning engines, windmills, and hand pumps. Thousands of solar pumps are working throughout the world. They produce best during sunny weather, when the need for water is greatest.

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Wind Energy

Wind offers an inexpensive, clean and reliable form of power. Unlike fossil fuels, wind power cannot be depleted and produces no pollution. Wind energy has become one of today’s lower cost renewable energy technologies. Following the OPES Oil Embargo of 1973, interest in wind energy resurfaced in response to climbing energy prices and questionable availability of conventional fuels. >Read More





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