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Shinex has expertise in end-to-end project management of wind-mill projects in Pakistan and Germany, with practical in micro wind turbines. 
During the last decade there is a tremendous increase in the energy requirement which is being fulfilled by different power generation means and among which the wind energy has the priority for mega watt capacities. There is a rapid increase in power generation through wind world wind during the last decade.

The advancement of wind engineering has led to tremendous increase in wind turbines sizes. In 1978 the typical rotor diameter was 16 meters which become upto 126.3 meter by 2004.Presently, rotors with diameter more than the height of Statue of Liberty have been produced. Pakistan has a 1,046 Km coastline in the South. Average wind speed is more than 7 m/s in Gharo Wind Corridor and estimated wind potential is more than 50,000 MW. This huge potential is waiting to be exploited.












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